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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Become a PMF

Assessment Process

The application process also includes an assessment process. All applicants must complete an on-line assessment. Based on eligibility, application, and on-line assessment scores, Semi-Finalists will be selected. Semi-Finalists are then invited to participate in the in-person assessment. Based on the in-person assessment scores, Finalists are identified.

On-line Assessment

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Applicants take an un-timed and un-proctored on-line assessment during the application process.

The on-line assessment consists of three parts: Situational Judgment Test, Questionnaire, and Essay Questions. This assessment provides a screening process on job-related criteria and allows us to identify Semi-Finalists to participate in the in-person assessment.

As part of the application certification process, applicants will attest they have worked independently and all statements made are true.

Please note applicants must follow the system and browser requirements identified. The on-line assessment provides a verification tool to validate system settings. Other browsers may not be fully compatible and some features (such as the videos) may not function.

Additional information about system and browser requirements can be found in the Assessment Preparation Guide below.

In-Person Assessment

Those selected as Semi-Finalists will be invited to participate in the in-person assessment process at their expense. The PMF Program Office does not subsidize travel or offer alternate means (e.g., video conferencing) for this assessment. All Semi-Finalists must physically and fully participate in this assessment, as scheduled, for further consideration.

Reschedules will only be considered in case of emergencies. Semi-Finalists will be able to reschedule only once if there is availability. Please note any "no shows" will be withdrawn from further consideration. Please avoid any last minute cancellations as there may be other Semi-Finalists who would like the slot.

Semi-Finalists will receive an email containing a unique link to schedule their individual in-person assessment. Semi-Finalists should not share their invitational email with anyone. All Semi-Finalists must follow the instructions provided in their invitational email, including any deadlines identified.

Information about inclement weather or emergencies impacting the in-person assessment center location will be posted to the PMF website's News & Events section. The Program Office will attempt to contact participants as soon as possible. Additional information can be found in the Assessment Preparation Guide (see below).

The location and dates for the in-person assessments can be found under the class year specific application webpage. Please note dates and locations are subject to change. The entire in-person assessments must be completed during the scheduled timeframe in order to select Finalists in a timely manner.

Semi-Finalists should allow ample time for arrival and travel. No assessments are conducted on Federal holidays or weekends.

Reasonable Accommodations

Applicants with disabilities may request reasonable accommodations for either assessment during the application process. The PMF Program Office will review each request and contact the applicant directly to adjudicate their request. Reasonable accommodations for the assessment process are provided to applicants with disabilities when appropriate, as qualified under the American with Disabilities Act of 1990, as amended, or the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended.

Please keep in mind that the on-line assessment is un-proctored and not timed. Please refer to the Assessment Preparation Guide to review what accommodations have already been included and review the list of criteria each applicant must meet when requesting a reasonable accommodation. Those applicants requesting a reasonable accommodation for the on-line assessment will be instructed to NOT proceed with the assessment until contacted by the PMF Program Office. Applicants can proceed with the rest of their application but should NOT submit the application until they have completed the on-line assessment. Requests are collected during the application process. If an applicant makes a request, he/she will be prompted to briefly describe the accommodation and submit supporting documentation.

Assessment Preparation Guide

To prepare for the assessment process, applicants should thoroughly review the Assessment Preparation Guide. The Guide is subject to change and applicants are encouraged to check frequently for any updates. The Guide will only be available during the application and assessment cycle.

2015 PMF Assessment Preparation Guide Adobe Acrobat Version [521 KB]

Now that the overview, application process, and assessment process have been covered, interested applicants should review the next section to view information on the 2015 Application.

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